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You landed on this page because you were searching for the best exterior painting San Diego service. JCE Painting has been providing exterior painting services in San Diego and all over the country since 2006.

You can trust us to increase the value of your home and impress your neighbors with a new exterior paint job. If you own a business, you’ll also impress your customers, attract more passerby traffic and boost the professionalism of your business.

JCE Painting offers a promise that few painters are actually equipped to offer and deliver on.

What is it?

We offer a 5-year warranty on all exterior repaints!

And guess what?

We’ve only had ONE customer call us back on that in our entire history. Ready to give us a try? Then fill out one of the forms on the page or click our phone number to call us directly.

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JCE Exterior Painting Process

  • Project Preparation: We begin by setting up the project area, safeguarding surrounding areas with coverings and ensuring a clean, organized workspace.
  • Surface Inspection: Our team inspects and prepares the surfaces, addressing any issues such as mildew, peeling paint, or damage. We make necessary repairs to ensure a smooth painting process.
  • Priming: To guarantee adhesion and durability, we apply a high-quality primer to all surfaces that will be painted.
  • Painting: Our skilled painters use top-quality materials and techniques to apply the chosen paint color, ensuring even coverage and a beautiful, long-lasting finish.
  • Final Inspection: A meticulous evaluation is conducted to ensure the paint job meets our high standards. Any touch-ups or adjustments are addressed.
  • Clean-Up: We remove all equipment, materials, and coverings, leaving your property clean and free of debris.
  • Satisfaction: We review the project with you, addressing any questions or concerns, and ensuring you are delighted with the results.

Is It Time For An Exterior Repaint?

The exterior of your home speaks volumes about who you are and how you care for your home. Unfortunately, it can be easy to “forget” about your exterior as the years pass by. Eventually, you’ll pull into your driveway, take a look at your exterior and realize it may be in need of an update.

You’ll know it’s time for an exterior repaint when one or more of the following happens to your exterior:

  • You’re Selling: We love to paint exteriors of homes that are going on the market because we know for however much the homeowner is paying us, they’re going to get 2x, or 3x times that back in the increase in the value of their home.
  • Damaged Exterior: Overtime, stucco, wood, or vinyl siding can become damaged from the sun, rain, and other elements. The truth is that no surface will last forever. After you replace your siding, you’ll want to add a fresh coat of paint on top.
  • Bubbling, Cracking, Or Peeling Paint: This is another sign that your exterior has succumbed to the elements. When your paint starts to peel, it will expose the siding material leading to possible mold, decay, or other damage. Paint can actually provide a protective layer to your siding, but not when it’s peeling.
  • Fading Colors: Fading paint is a common issue in stucco, especially thanks to the San Diego sun. The color will lose the shine it once had and parts of your home will look discolored.
  • You Don’t Like It: Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your exterior except you don’t like it. If the colors our drab or outdated, there’s no reason you should come home to see them every day. Instead, repaint your exterior and come home to a house that rejuvenates your senses every time you look at it.

3 Reasons To Hire Us

At JCE Painting, our goal is to give homes and commercial buildings in Clairemont, Carmel Valley, La Mesa, Tierrasanta, Pacific Beach, and surrounding San Diego areas a fresh new look. Using premium paint and we can transform ordinary spaces into beautiful living and working areas.

Reasons why you should choose us for your next painting project:

1. With over three decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to painting and can handle anything.
2. Our founder and CEO is on EVERY job to ensure top quality work.
3. Our work is backed by a 5-year warranty and a “you don’t pay until you’re satisfied” guarantee. (we’ve only ever had one customer call us on our warranty)

Painting Exterior Stucco

Stucco exterior is popular in San Diego. I’ve overseen hundreds of stucco jobs all across the San Diego area and I see even more while I drive around town from job to job. One of the biggest differentiators between JCE Painting and other contractors is the attention we pay to properly caulk everywhere where stucco meets wood. Caulking between stucco and any trim is how we prevent moisture from getting into the two building materials. When moisture gets in, we’re more likely to see mold and rot, two things we don’t want.

Our special stucco patching process starts with mixing four substances (primer, mortar, caulking, and bonding agents) to make a “solid steel” exterior. Our special solution can fill in 2 x 2 ft. holes that hold up amazingly and never crack. We’ll even go as far as to say that it will outlive the house!

We spend a lot of time repairing poor stucco work done by less experienced painting contractors. A tell-tall sign of shotty stucco work is by running your hands over the stucco and seeing if it crumbles to the ground. This means you have weak and cracking stucco which will allow water to leak through the failing areas. Water will seep in and expand as it freezes and heats up causing big holes to appear in your house.

Do you have this in your exterior? Then you need to give us a call ASAP

Poorly done stucco is almost guaranteed to fail within the year and cost you a fortune over the long run due to yearly repairs.

Wood Replacement

Most houses we work with will have termite and water damage to the wood siding and fascia boards. Before you can paint your exterior, you’ll have to replace the damaged wood. You’ll be inclined to hire a siding company to fix the damaged wood, but this is expensive when you can hire JCE Painting to replace the damaged wood AND do your exterior repaint.



Best Practices For Exterior Painting

We have systematic procedures for making sure the job is completed quickly and efficiently. This process includes pressure washing, eliminating debris, masking, taping, scraping, patching, painting, and a final cleanup of the area.


Primer is never not important, but it’s even more necessary in places like San Diego, Pacific Beach, etc. We do not skimp on our choice of primer, we use Dunn Edwards top of the line primers.  We prime all surfaces that have been repaired, patched, sanded and scraped any surfaces that are raw wood, raw stucco any failing cracked out wood and for prime RX peal bonding primer. Is an amazing tool for filing gaps on old weathered fascia making it look uniform and solid looking again as well.


There are more factors to consider when caulking other than just curb appeal.  With moisture in the air it will seep into the cracks and behind the paint and cause failure.  So you want to caulk up all open surfaces exposed to moisture.


If you live by the beach you know the wind picks up around midday.  Your masking needs to be tight and solid and we use blue tape to ensure the tape will not leave residue on your surfaces that you’re covering.


Spraying can be tricky by the beach. Sometimes you have a small window to spray before the wind picks up you have to be aware of your surroundings, vehicles, plants, concert, other homes, people walking by. We ensure that all surrounding surfaces and objects are fully protected and covered from any over-spray.

Brush And Roll

Sometimes in certain situations it is more cost effective to brush and roll depending on wind conditions and different surface types. 

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From beautiful beach facing homes in La Jolla to single-family homes in La Mesa, JCE Painting can handle it all. Quality exterior paint will not only make your home shine “brighter” than other homes on the block, but it will also add an extra layer of protection that can save you money on siding repairs in the future. Imagine coming home to your dream exterior every day? JCE Painting can provide that to you.


Owning your own business is something to be proud of. It is true, that the exterior of your business must keep up appearances if you want to keep up with the times and stiff competition in your area. If you see value in reinvesting in your business, then your exterior (and interior) paint should be the first place you look.

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Here’s What Folks Are Saying About Us​

Justin clearly takes great pride in his work. He is meticulous and and takes his time preparing and painting the house. I really appreciated his kind, friendly attitude. Justin checked in with us daily to give us an update on his progress. The quality of Justin's work shows his many years of experience and talent with his craft. Thank you for making our house look brand new Justin!
David L.
Second time using Justin and he truly loves what he does, you can tell by the details he puts in when he paints. He’s super detailed, clean, friendly, fast and has an amazing eye for color. He helped us picked out the color for our new home, suggested what should be painted the body color and what should be white to make everything really pop. The end result is beyond amazing and I could not be any happier.
I would highly recommend JCE Painting!!! Jason painted the exterior of my home + patio cover. He does amazing work! He was on the job every day by 7/7:30 and stayed late into the afternoon. He takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. At the end of the job, he told me to walk around and put tape on anything that need a touch up - there was almost nothing to tag because he is so meticulous as he goes along. He's also just a really nice guy - Thanks JCE!
Peggy S.
Painted 6 interior doors and floor molding. Justin was courteous and friendly. Job was done quickly. Everything looks amazing! No drips anywhere! Will definitely hire Justin again!
J. Carlton
Justin did a fabulous job painting the exterior of our 30 year old. It looks new, even the garage door. Loads of compliments from our neighbors. It's clear he takes great pride in his work. He uses only the best materials, offers great color advise, and works quickly and cleanly. I can't wait until we have him back to paint the interior.
Charlotte G.

Here’s What Folks Are Saying About Us​

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