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Residential house painting san Diego

We are one of the best residential painting services in San Diego. We are one of the most thorough and efficient house painters in San Diego. We do everything in the best way possible to ensure durability and excellent results. When it comes to residential painting, we are the house painters San Diego residents turn to for the best results.

We are not always the cheapest, but if you’re looking for the best house painting San Diego services, you can trust that we will give you the best value for your money. Our paint job will last. We don’t cut corners. We consider ourselves amongst the most meticulous house painters in San Diego.

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Exterior house painting services

We specialize in exterior house painting and all that goes along with it. We use a special technique and specialized mixture of 4 products for stucco patch that ensure that it will not fail. Before painting the exterior of your house in San Diego, we make sure to caulk every crack to seal it up tight and keep out the bugs and moisture. We always pressure wash our exteriors before painting as we don’t want to paint over dirt. We use the highest quality Dunn Edwards products and almost always spend more time on prep than the actual painting. After all, painting is the easiest when the prep is done right.

Are you all in? We are the exterior house painting San Diego service that you should call. If you’re looking for great results, contact JCE paining.

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